Navigate Your Vocational Journey

Choosing a major? Searching for a career path?
Feeling a little lost, uncertain of your direction?

Develop your sense of purpose to navigate well.

A purpose mindset serves as your lodestar within, a powerful compass for navigating school, work, and life at large. With its guidance, you can launch a new vocational adventure without fear. 

Maybe you are trying to choose a college major, or find a fitting career path to take after graduation. Maybe you are in your first job and want to know how to use your emotional intelligence and unique skills to succeed. Your purpose will point the way. 

A board-certified coach and university career advisor, I am eager to be your companion on this journey. In online coaching sessions, I will ask you gentle questions that access your own inner wisdom. There are no wrong answers, only the insights that arise as we discover who you are and what you want now. The exploration will be customized always to your individual needs and desires—you will set the agenda for each session.

Milestones you might choose to reach include:

  • Self-awareness that empowers you with an inspiring vision to live into with authenticity
  • Goals and step-by-step objectives to meet them, with back-up plans for overcoming obstacles
  • Practices for growing your unique 'human' skills, emotional intelligence, and personal well-being
  • Career tools such as a compelling resume, persuasive cover letter, appealing online profile, and articulate interview skills
  • Strategies for networking, building experience, job searches, and effective applications
  • Clarity and confidence to know what step to take next, coaching yourself for ongoing vocational fulfillment

For a detailed map of a possible program, click here, and consider what you would like to include on your own vocational voyage. I am eager to hear what you want; schedule a free conversation to discuss how we can collaborate.   


"As my understanding of who I am came into sharper focus during my later college and adult years, this understanding became my guide.

Understanding who I was—what I stood for, what I had to offer the world—began to free me from the need for external approval. It’s been a glorious adventure to discover my innermost being, and to realize that what I’ve turned up there can meet a great need in the world."

Belle Liang, PhD
How to Navigate Life

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